Wood’s light

Lights with Wood’s light or black light are special examination luminaires. They are used to diagnose skin and hair changes. Fluorescent disease foci and pigment changes appear under UV light.

Powerful Wood’s light

2 in 1
Two modes of light combined in one light: Daylight white light and Wood light

No darkening
of the room required thanks to powerful UV LEDs

No pre-warming
The light is ready for use with LED technology

Typical applications in dermatology

Vitiligo - Fair skin types

Wood's light can be used for early diagnosis of Vitiligo. Especially in patients with lighter skin, it allows lesions to be detected early and can therefore be treated more quickly. These areas have sharper boundaries and appear under Black Light light blue-white or yellow green.

Tinea capitis – Ringworm

Round, bald, or scaly patches on the scalp or in the beard indicate a tinea infection. For visual diagnosis of tinea capitis Wood’s light will be applied for examination. The types of fungi that cause tinea capitis appear blue-green or dull blue under Wood's light.

Pseudomonas - Bacterial infections

Inflamed skin wounds should be treated and examined by a doctor, because infections by bacteria such as Pseudomonas can lead to serious complications, especially in the case of burns. If you use Wood's light to examine, the bacteria appear light green.

Itchy scalp

The causes of an itchy scalp can be varied. Head lice are a possible diagnosis. However, head lice nits are difficult to distinguish from dried hairspray or hair bandages. By using a Wood's light lamp to examine, nits can be exposed relatively quickly. Live nits glow white underneath a Wood’s light, while empty nit trays look gray.


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