TRIANGO 100 Duo - The dual ceiling light

With the TRIANGO 100 duo ceiling luminaire, the premium procedure light from Derungs, various challenges can be solved: two treatment areas, usable in low height rooms and for low-shadow illumination.

Treatment lights TRIANGO 100 Duo

Premium product:
Our most powerful minor surgical treatment light with 2x 100,000 lux at 1 m

Excellent colour rendering:
Colour rendering properties Ra > 95 increases visual comfort and safety

Light field selectable:
Depending on the version: 18 cm fixed or focusable 18/ 23/ 28 cm at 1 m

Practical Duo ceiling light:
Allows for medical interventions on two areas of treatment

Intuitive operation:
Easy to reach and operate via a membrane keyboard

Small or outpatient procedures, endoscopy, emergency, examination rooms in dermatology, cosmetic surgery, maxillofacial surgery, OMS -surgery, neonatology, obstetrics, or urology

New duo arm system
Perfect mobility and a large operating radius thanks to a special TENO spring arm system

Homogeneous & low-shadow
Two light heads equipped with high-quality lighting technology

Dual arm connection mounted in parallel
Can also be used at low room heights

Ideal colour temperature
4,300 K or colour-adjustable version

Technical data TRIANGO 100 Duo
Light output * 2x 100 000 Lux @ 1.0 m
Colour temperature * 4 300 K, optionally changeable 3 700 K / 4 300 K / 4 700 K
Colour rendering Ra > 95
Lighting field ⌀ 18 cm, optionally changeable ⌀ 18 / 23 / 28 cm
Illumination depth 80 cm
Operation Membrane keypad
Standards EN 60601-1, EN 60601-2-41

TRIANGO 100-1 C Duo


TRIANGO Fokus 100-3 C Duo


TRIANGO 100 Duo accessories


Complete equipment due?

The TRIANGO focus 100-3 C Duo allows the illumination field to be focused and three colour temperatures to be selected at the touch of a button.

Easy to clean

Removable, sterilisable handle and excellent cleaning properties.

Perfect colour rendering

Precise and safe diagnostics thanks to first-class colour rendering properties.

Swiss medical technology

Derungs - the thinktank for innovative medical lighting solutions.

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Sterilizable handle


Disposable cover


Intermediate ceiling adapter

  • steel
  • max. length 93 cm
  • D15.074.000-00632785

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