OPTICLUX magnifier luminaire - for demanding tasks

The OPTICLUX magnifier lamp with an arm system combines the best features that a magnifier in the medical workplace should have: a robust magnifying glass, durable LED modules, first-class colour rendering properties and accurately positioned arm joints.

recommended for dermatology, in clinics and practices for human-, dental and veterinary purposes, in laboratories as well as for checking items to be sterilised

Perfect vision:
a dimmable, homogeneous light field with 6,000 Lux at a distance of 15 cm

Natural colour rendering:
Thanks to the first-class colour rendering properties Ra 95

Two modes, one device:
on request with Daylight mode and switchable Wood’s light
Durable: a high-quality plastic lens and precision components

With optional Wood’s light:
to study fluorescent disease centres and pigmentation changes.

Flexible positioning
The long light arm allows a big radius of action with up to 142 cm

Large field of view
A scratch-resistant plastic lens with a 160 mm dia. and 3.5 dioptres

No dropping
Thanks to special spring linkages and internal friction joints, the lamp head keeps its position

Technical data OPTICLUX
Light output * 6 000 Lux @ 0.15 m
Colour temperature * 6 500 K optional Wood Licht 365 nm
Colour rendering Ra > 95
Lens dimension ⌀ 160 mm
Operation Membrane keypad
Standards EN 60601-1, EN 60601-2-41

OPTICLUX Ceiling version


OPTICLUX pin version with wall bracket accessories


OPTICLUX pin version with table clamp accessories


Perfect colour rendering

Precise and safe diagnostics thanks to optimal light

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Roller stand

Material: steel
Color: white/grey

Fasting hardware

Dimensions 25 x 10 mm, 1 m
Material: Aluminium

Dimensions: 25 x 10 mm, 1.5m
Material: Aluminium

Rail mount

Material: Aliminium

Table clamp

Material: Aluminium

Universal mount

Material: Polyamid GF
Color: white

Extension arm

Material: steel
Color: white

Wall mount

Material: Polyamid GF
Color: white

Wall mount Alu

Material: Aluminium
Color: white

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