Medical magnifier lights

Magnifier luminaires from Derungs offer valuable support in many areas. They are suitable for dermatologists, dental technicians, laboratories, sterilisation goods inspection, veterinary doctors as well as medical practices and hospitals. They are characterised by high-quality optics, first-class light and optimal colour rendering properties.

Excellent design

Are you interested in interior design? Then discover the world of Derungs luminaires. Together with you, we will complete the practice facility for medical practices, clinics and hospitals.

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Dr. Paul Scheidegger

Dr. Scheidegger is a specialist in dermatology and venereology from Brugg in Switzerland. He evaluated the OPTICLUX Hand magnifying lamp for his colleagues.

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Veterinary medicine

Practice needs for animal practices and veterinary clinics.

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Dermatology & Cosmetic surgery

Light for dermatological, aesthetic and cosmetic examinations and treatments.

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Clinics & Medical practices

Examination lights for general diagnostics for doctors and laboratories.

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Dental medicine

Lighting for dental laboratories, dental treatments, maxillofacial surgery, implantology, orthodontics.

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