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Derungs examination lights assist in the diagnosis and care of patients. Our tested medical devices are suitable in terms of luminous power, color temperature and colour rendering for nearly all medical departments. Whether mobile or fixed, you can look forward to using a high-quality examination light, whenever and wherever you need it.

Safe and reliable

Derungs has a comprehensive quality management system. Our products are certified according to European medical device legislation. We are also a member of the Swiss Medtech Association.

Excellent design

Are you interested in interior design? Then discover the world of Derungs luminaires. Together with you, we will complete the practice facility for medical practices, clinics and hospitals.

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About us

Veterinary medicine

Practice needs for animal practices and veterinary clinics.

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Dermatology & Cosmetic surgery

Light for dermatological, aesthetic and cosmetic examinations and treatments.

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Clinics & Medical practices

Examination lights for general diagnostics for doctors and laboratories.

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Dental medicine

Lighting for dental laboratories, dental treatments, maxillofacial surgery, implantology, orthodontics.

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