You have the device. We have the right support arm system.

Derungs offers you a complete service package from connection of the object to approval. Our experienced engineers are at your service as your reliable partner. Rely on our many years of experience.

Safe and reliable

Derungs has a comprehensive quality management system. Our products are certified according to European medical device legislation. We are also a member of the Swiss Medtech Association.

Excellent design

Are you interested in interior design? Then discover the world of Derungs luminaires. Together with you, we will complete the practice facility for medical practices, clinics and hospitals.

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Find out why we feel like an "80-year-old" start-up and why customer proximity is not just a catchword for us.

About us

Veterinary medicine

Practice supplies for veterinary practices and veterinary clinics

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Dermatology & plastic surgery

Additional products for modern practice equipment

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Clinics & hospitals

Examination lights for general diagnostics for doctors and laboratories

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Dental medicine

Luminaires for dental medicine, MGK surgery, implantology, dental laboratories, orthodontics

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We will be happy to assist you in selecting the perfect examination or small operating theatre luminaire.


Our brochures and instructions for use are available for download.


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