Lightsolutions for veterinary practices

At Derungs we not only have a heart for animals, but also the right light for veterinary clinics and veterinary practices. More than 80 years of experience in medical technology are reflected in the high-quality medical luminaires . Beautiful designs and thought-out functions promise a lot of pleasure in everyday use.

What should you look out for?

Illuminance lux

Dimmable illuminance relieves the eyes and helps you concentrate.

Lighting field

For optimal vision, the light field should be clearly demarcated and evenly lit.

Colour rendering index Ra

Natural display of disease locations and vessels are guaranteed for Ra values > 93.

Colour temperature - Kelvin

The ideal working light offers neutral-white LEDs. Colour-adjustable luminaires highlight contrasts.

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Surgical and small surgery

A very good illumination depth is required for surgical treatments. A defined or stepwise-focusable lighting field.

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General Investigations

Mobile examination lights offer a very good light quality. They can be used quickly and flexibly.

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Dental treatments

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Magnifying glass lamps with a large pattern are also suitable for restless patients. Under Wood light, fluorescent disease sites become visible.

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More safety

Optimal colour rendering properties enable precise diagnosis.


Versatile applications are possible with the TRIANGO 100 duo ceiling luminaire.

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Wood's light diagnoses

UV light provides fluorescent illumination of some bacteria and fungi. It also highlights skin pigments whereby pigment disorders such as vitiligo are easier to diagnose.

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