Light for dermatology, cosmetology and plastic surgery

As a dermatologist, you know: The difference is in detail. Therefore, Derungs medical luminaires support you in assessment of skin abnormalities as well as for surgical and aesthetic treatments. Whether fixed or mobile, high practice rooms or a low ceiling height, a magnifying glass lamp or a small surgical light with a double arm system. We have the right product!

Derungs medical lights are:

Medical lights are as versatile as the range of services of modern dermatological practice.

Many of our dermatology lights have been awarded the Red Dot Design Award for outstanding product design.

High quality
Powder-coated aluminium, diamond-shaped optics, high-quality components and durable LED modules form our Swiss quality products.

Further advantages of Derungs products


The closed construction and the special design are especially easy to clean. TRIANGO luminaire handles are removable and sterilisable.

Natural colours

The two most important test colours for you as a dermatologist are R9 - red tones and R13 - skin tones. All luminaires have very good colour rendering properties.

Accurately positioned light

The lighting field will remain where you have aligned it. This is achieved using special friction joints, high-quality arm systems and mobile head joints.

Design and functionality

Why did Dr. Dr. Hager choose the TRIANGO 80? Because it is not only functional, but also aesthetically impressive. The elegant design of this medical luminaire blends seamlessly with the practice décor and underscores the commitment to design in every detail. See for yourself and watch the video of Dr. DR. Hager.

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Dr. Paul Scheidegger

Dr. Scheidegger is a specialist in dermatology and venereology from Brugg in Switzerland. He evaluated the OPTICLUX Hand magnifying lamp for his colleagues.

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Indications for use

Wood's light diagnoses

UV light provides fluorescent illumination of some bacteria and fungi. It also highlights skin pigments whereby pigment disorders such as vitiligo are easier to diagnose.

Wood's light

Perfect colour rendering

Precise and safe diagnostics thanks to optimal light

Wood's light

No need to darken the room, ideal for detecting parasites or skin lesions

To Wood's light

Skin cancer screening

Perfect lighting conditions to quickly detect skin changes

Our manifier luminaires

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