Lighting solutions for gynaecology & urology

We support gynaecological and urological doctor practices as well as proctologists with optimum light. Derungs offers special lighting solutions for connection to the examination chair, fixed ceiling lights or light for laboratorywork areas.

Important for your selection:

Illuminator lux
Dimmable light relieves the eye and helps you concentrate.

Colour rendering
Natural display of disease locations and vessels are guaranteed using colour rendering properties with Ra values > 93.

Colour temperature
The ideal working light offers neutral-white LEDs. Colour-adjustable luminaires particularly highlight contrasts.

Inconspicuous spot lights on the examination chair offer ideal light to assess mucosal disorders or wound healing.

Further advantages of Derungs products


The closed construction and the special design are especially easy to clean. TRIANGO lamp handles are removable and sterilisable.

Optimal vision

Illumination intensity, light colour and colour rendering of the LED modules are perfectly matched to the medical workplace. Special optics ensure clearly demarcated and homogeneous light.

Accurately positioned light

The lighting field will remain where you have aligned it. This is achieved using special friction joints, high-quality arm systems and mobile head joints.

Indications for use

More safety

Optimal colour rendering properties enable precise diagnosis.


Versatile applications are possible with the TRIANGO 100 duo ceiling luminaire.

To TRIANGO 100 Duo


Enables a true-to-position connection to the examination chair and is comfortable to use at the same time.


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