Lighting solutions for general practitioner practices

The daily tasks in general medicine are particularly multi-faceted. Supplement your practice equipment with modern LED medical lights from Derungs. Whether mobile or fixed in place - we offer the right solution. From the examinationand the treatment room to the practice laboratory.

3 tips: How to find the right lamp

Do you often treat wounds or perform minor surgical procedures? Then we recommend a dimmable light with colour-adjustable LEDs for optimal contrast vision, such as VISIANO 20 or TRIANGO 100.

Do you have low ceilings in your practice? Overhead pipes for the TRIANGO luminaire family can be shortened. Look for our pin versions. These are suitable for universal attachment to moveable stands, table clamps, wall brackets or wall rails.

All medical lights are equipped with high-quality, durable components. Look forward to Swiss Engineering - quality products. You determine which performance package and product feature are most important to you. We have the right luminaire!

Further advantages of Derungs products


The closed construction and the special design are especially easy to clean. TRIANGO lamp handles are removable and sterilisable.

Optimal vision

The illumination intensity, light colour and colour rendering of the LED modules are perfectly matched to the medical workstation. Special optics ensure clearly demarcated and homogeneous light.

Accurately positioned light

The lighting field will remain where you have aligned it. This is achieved using special friction joints and high-quality arm systems. The lamp heads can be conveniently positioned by right-handed and left-handed users.

Visual skin diagnosis

Magnifying glass lamps with 1.9 times magnification and daylight-like artificial light, support the visual diagnosis. Fluorescent disease sites are visible under Wood's light.

Our recommendation


Wound care, suture control, or creating sutures: Dimmable light with colour-changeable LEDs provide ideal light.

Our recommendation

Practice laboratory

Pleasant bright and glare-free light promotes concentrated work in the laboratory.

Our recommendation


Luminaires with a higher illumination are suitable for small surgical procedures and excisions. Special arm systems and joints allow ideal orientation of the lighting field.

Our recommendation

Perfect colour rendering

Precise and safe diagnostics thanks to optimal light

Wood's light

No need to darken the room, ideal for detecting parasites or skin lesions

To Wood's light

Skin cancer screening

Perfect lighting conditions to quickly detect skin changes

Our manifier luminaires

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