Therapeutic care centres, Altentreptow and Neubrandenburg, Germany

Operator: GmbH, Altentreptow and Neubrandenburg, Germany

Consultation and distribution:

Herbert Waldmann GmbH & Co. KG, Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany


Derungs Licht AG, Gossau, Switzerland

Lighting solution:


Reference report:

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Roon Luminaire VIVAA
Roon Luminaire VANERA LED
Roon Luminaire VANERA Bath
Roon Luminaire AMADEA Bed
Orientation Luminaire CUBE
Roon Luminaire OBLO LED GmbH operates two therapeutic care centres, since 1 November 2016 in Altentreptow and since 1 April 2017 in Neubrandenburg. Both of these institutions offer Therapeutic Daycare, PRM Care and apartments for independent living suitable for elderly people. During the main renovation work, the rooms were organized into various sub-areas along the lines of the Enriched Environment model with the aim of assisting the care concept of capability enhancement. The VTL (Visual Timing Light, equivalent to Human Centric Lighting) lighting concept from Waldmann is being supplemented with a special acoustic ceiling and by a distinctive colour scheme. Here, biodynamic VTL light is not just used to stabilize the daytime/night-time rhythm in the corridors, but also in the dining room, the rest rooms, the fireplace room, in the offices of employees and in the group rooms, the gymnastic rooms and in the lobby. The technical implementation involves the use of the VIVAA VTL LED suspended luminaire. This harmonizes perfectly with the high-quality interior design concept.

The consistent use of VIVAA VTL luminaires in all rooms enables the high lighting quality to make the rooms look great and feel good. Clients and patients can move through them safely while being motivated to engage in more activity by the natural daylight style of lighting. Several demo versions are installed in the dementia laboratory to enable clients and their family members to experience the impact of this lighting. Care is also taken to provide optimum lighting in the apartments as well. In the residents' rooms, the AMADEA bed wall-mounted luminaire is used. This light fitting is equipped with four lighting scenes: General light, reading light, night light and care light. Continuous and uniform illumination of corridor and vestibule into the apartment is assured by the OBLO ceiling luminaire. In the evening and at night, the CUBE wall-mounted luminaire provides quick orientation and a pleasant atmosphere. The resident's bathroom has welcoming, glare-free and uniform lighting above the mirror. The splash-water-protected VANERA Bath not only improves self-awareness through excellent colour reproduction properties but also supports physical care.