Retirement residence BRK Pasing-Westkreuz, Munich, Germany


Retirement residence BRK Pasing-Westkreuz, Munich, Germany

Consultation and distribution:

Herbert Waldmann GmbH & Co. KG, Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany


Derungs Licht AG, Gossau, Switzerland

Lighting solution:


Retirement residence BRK Pasing-Westkreuz
Retirement residence BRK Pasing-Westkreuz
Retirement residence BRK Pasing-Westkreuz
Retirement residence BRK Pasing-Westkreuz

In the retirement residence BRK Pasing-Westkreuz pretty much everything is different. There are a lot of things to discover

and admire. Among the many interior design elements the purposeful use of illumination plays a vital role.

The BRK Pasing-Westkreuz retirement home offers full-service sheltered living for more than 300 seniors. Protective living for seniors requiring intensive geronto-psychiatric care ensures an ideal living environment.

Designers, planners, operators, craftsmen, therapists, nurses and of course the residents – they all showed courage. The interior design is a composition of medical care, science, nursing care and design elements. It encompasses the factors of human space perception such as orientation, safety and movement.

In the corridors the floor's colour gradient merges with the incoming light. The closer you get to the end of the corridor, the darker the VANERA luminaire's colour and brightness become. This effect can confine the urge of movement patients with Dementia may show. They avoid dark areas and return to the bright centre. Ceiling, wall and floor illumination simulate the progression of day and night from dawn to a moon-lit sky. This biodynamic VISUAL TIMING LIGHT (VTL) light management system brings the body clock in sync with the natural light conditions during the day.

The central space where all corridors lead to (the Piazza) is bright and is being frequently used: cooking, eating, celebrating or making music. The illumination can be adapted to the current activity. The AMADEA VTL pendant luminaire does not only stimulate the residents' curiosity but also keeps their body clock in sync. At noon the VISUAL TIMING LIGHT creates bright illumination with the full spectrum of sunlight and keeps the residents active for meals and activities. Dimmed, warm light creates a soothing mood in the evenings.

Atmosphere for teatime.