Local Nursing Home Schöftland AG (Dementia Care), Schöftland, Switzerland


Local Nursing Home Schöftland AG, Schöftland, Switzerland

Consultation and distribution:

Waldmann Lichttechnik GmbH, Küttigen, Switzerland


Derungs Licht AG, Gossau, Switzerland

Lighting solution:


Local Nursing Home Schöftland AG
Local Nursing Home Schöftland AG
Local Nursing Home Schöftland AG

The new lighting concept emphasizes on bright and glare-free low shadow rooms. The new lighting shall support those residents suffering from Dementia to cope with their daily routine. The new lighting fixtures shall also be matched with the type of building (an old mill). Emergency lighting will be included in the same fixtures. A centralized emergency power group safeguards continuous power supply.

The residents' rooms, corridors and community rooms will be equipped with AMADEA suspended luminaires. The staircase will be illuminated by wall-mounted luminaires. The palliative care room is equipped with mobile standing lamps. The lighting solution in general matches the rooms' styles. The selected light has a positive effect on the residents' mood and creates a warm, comfortable and secure atmosphere.