Light for veterinary clinics and practices

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At Derungs, we not only have a heart for animals, we also have the right light for veterinary clinics and veterinary practices.

Here's what you should consider when choosing a luminaire:

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ILLUMINANCE & ILLUMATION FIELD - Light, is not equal to light - Poor lighting conditions put a strain on our eyes. Headaches, burning eyes and reduced performance can be the result...
  • Special optics provide homogeneous and clearly defined light.

  • Dimmable light makes it possible to adjust the illuminance individually.

  • Depending on the desired application, luminaires with different illuminance levels are suitable.

The decisive factor is the application

For general examinations or dental treatments, a light output of 30 000 and 60 000 lux at a distance of 50 cm from the animal is optimal. Flexible examination lights, such as the VISIANO 20, have a 21 cm light field.

Surgical procedures, on the other hand, require significantly more light: for optimum depth illumination, between 80 000 - 100 000 lux at a distance of one meter from the animal's body is recommended. Depending on the model, treatment lights such as the TRIANGO 100 have a defined light field with a diameter of ø 18 cm or a focusable light field with a diameter of ø 18-28 cm.

Double light systems, such as the TRIANGO 100 Duo, are suitable for surgical on large animals or for mounting above two surgical stations.

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COLOR TEMPERATURE - An important factor when selecting lighting is the color temperature, which is expressed in Kelvin (K). Basically, neutral white light sources with a minimum of 4300 Kelvin are suitable for examinations and treatments....

However, depending on the area of application, a warm white light may be recommended.

Two color temperatures in one luminaire:

Luminaires such as the VISIANO 20, HALUX N50 or the TRIANGO 100 combine several lighting modes in one unit, thus allowing the treatment area to be viewed under different light colors.

For dermatological examinations or for the diagnosis of parasites and skin diseases, magnifier lamps with daylight and optional Wood light are suitable, such as the OPTICLUX Hand magnifier luminaire.

Derungs 2022 VET 800x400 HALUX N50
QUALITY FEATURE COLOR RENDERING - The color of the light alone is not an indicator of the true-to-life reproduction of colors The color rendering properties (also Color Rendering Index/CRI) are particularly important in the medical field...

They indicate the quality of the respective colors of the illuminated surface under artificial light. The color rendering index is expressed in Ra. A value of Ra100 means that the colors under artificial light are displayed as in natural light.

Optimum vision for reliable diagnoses

  • Diagnoses and treatments are supported by first-class color rendering properties.

  • Derungs medical luminaires have very good Ra values of Ra>93 or Ra>95.

  • This means that disease foci and vessels can be optimally displayed in terms of color.

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CLEANING PROPERTIES - A hygienic environment ensures the safety and rapid recovery of animal patients. Derungs lamps have a closed lamp head. This is easy to clean and prevents dust and other particles from entering the luminaire....

Surgical lights such as the TRIANGO 100 and TRIANGO 80 have a sterilizable handle and disposable handle covers.

Dirt-active thanks to silver ions

Additional safety is provided by the VISIANO 20 examination light, which is equipped with an antimicrobial Sanitized® hygiene function. This has been proven to reduce 99% of bacteria and microbes.

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ERGONOMICS - Various ergonomic details offer a high level of operating comfort. The special hand grips make it easier for right- and left-handed users to position the light...
  • High-quality arm systems ensure that the light remains in the desired position.

  • Ergonomic handles and controls allow easy alignment of the luminaire head.

  • The innovative combination of arm joint and rotating mechanisms on the luminaire head make it easy to adjust the illumination field.

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FLEXIBLE CONNECTIONS - Depending on requirements, the luminaires can be mounted on the wall or ceiling. Versatile accessories, such as wall mount or rolling stand, take into account your personal preferences....
  • Ceiling mount

  • Wall mount

  • Pin universal

  • Rolling stand

  • Roll stand battery

  • Wall rail

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